SO:Music City is the campaign to highlight how much music goes on in Southampton across all genres and to support the growth of a sustainable music industry for the city.


It's important to highlight how much goes on in the city. It raises awareness to current non-gig-goers, it may help you find out about new scenes, nights and venues. It will help people realise we have as much music going on in this city as places like Brighton, Bristol and Liverpool, we just need to shine a light on it.


At a time when our music venues are closing and more music creatives than ever before are having to leave Southampton to make a living, it’s never been more urgent for us all to take a positive stand.


Music is central to Southampton culture - it's time for all of Southampton's musicians, music industries and music fans to step up, collaborate and shine. Help us build a music-positive city.



A multi-venue festival with free out door events within the Guildhall Square, free advice music panels and music workshops.


From drumming clinics to advice on creating press kits to building social media campaigns and finally promoting and organising your own gigs.  These events will be regular as well and will provide hands on advice for anyone wanting to create a sustainable future in the music industries.


Whether it's Southampton's music heritage or music future, SO: Music City Culture will create a mixture of pop up music culture talks in pubs, cafes or even music memories and memorabilia exhibitions in the city centre. 


Regular monthly music talks, networking and advice surgeries with key people within the industry from local, national and international music industries.  These events will be open to all and take place in April 2019 straight after SO: Music City Festival.


We need Southampton's music creatives, educators and music industries to know about what's going on.  This will spread the message to the city and others that the creation of a regular listing magazine helped with podcasts, videos, and a range of multi-platform outposts.


Research is the core of all of this and to the development of Southampton as a music-positive city.  Three projects are already in place! A live music survey of audiences and creatives mixed in with Solent University's Research, Innovation and Enterprise unit have also provided funding for this exciting project.  

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